Eddie Hamilton

Security Engineer

From Manhattan Island to the Emerald Isle, our security engineer, Eddie Hamilton, brings passion and a people-centred approach wherever he goes.

For fitness-conscious Eddie, a career in electronic security felt like an excellent way to keep his body and mind sharp. He made this decision in 2006, and he hasn’t looked back since. He joined our business in 2020, moving to Dublin from New York, where he previously oversaw the installation of fire alarm systems across Manhattan.

For Eddie, client satisfaction is the most rewarding part of his role. He loves meeting new people and building long-term client relationships.

When he’s outside of the office, his zest for life continues. Family is close to Eddie’s heart, and he prioritises spending time with his one-year-old son. A man of many talents, he’s also released an album and an EP while studying for his Networking & Systems Security Fetac level 7 at CCT College Dublin.