We tailor a Fire Services solution for every customer’s unique needs, from our extensive range of products and services that covers detection, protection and suppression systems, along with fire safety signage and accessories. We also provide training and consultancy support.

We are aware that your business must trust our expertise in the area of Fire Detection and Protection and have devised our Fire Services offering based on this level of expectation placed on us.

We work across all industries from small manufacturing premises to high risk sites requiring extensive Fire Service supports.

Fire Detection

Risk assessed for better protection

If a fire breaks out in your premises, early detection, containment and notification is critical to ensure the safety of your staff and to minimise potential damage.

We use a proven risk assessment model to determine your level of fire risk and to choose the right detection and systems to suit the size and layout of your site.

We provide full design, install and maintenance services as part of our Fire Safety portfolio.

We are certified to all Fire and Safety industry standards and we use the EN 54 / IS3218 classification to ensure the appropriate levels of protection: delivering peace of mind for our customers.


In an emergency situation, you need to ensure all employees can leave the premises safely by keeping pathways and exits clearly illuminated.

Our emergency lighting meets all regulatory standards, and we follow strict codes for correct installation. Our lighting systems are automatically operated in the event of a mains system failure and are controlled from a Central Test Unit in accordance with IS EN 3217:2013.


A full range for your needs

Based upon our knowledge of standards like IS EN 291:2015, we advise on the best locations to place portable fire extinguishers on site, and we also advise on their use and inspection – ensuring your premises always stays fully compliant with fire and safety requirements. We follow this up with on-site training in all aspects of using fire extinguishers.

Our product range includes Fire extinguishers, blankets, floor stands, wall cabinets, vehicle extinguisher cabinets, fire brigade equipment and first aid equipment.

Fire Suppression

We take a consultative approach to identify the right fire extinguishing systems for your property.

Whether you own a manufacturing operation, pharmaceutical facility, office environment or restaurant, we carry out a survey to determine the best solution for you.

Choose from:
Ansul Suppression Systems

Kitchen fires are a common occurrence and our systems are designed to protect this risk around the clock. The systems are tailored to be activated automatically or manually protecting all cooking appliances and ducting to suppress a fire within seconds. We provide a full suite of Ansul solutions of special hazard fire protection products, which are designed for a range of kitchen suppression systems

Gaseous Detection Suppression Systems

These systems give 24-hour automatic detection for communications rooms and high power risk rooms. Different types of gas detection systems are available with FM200, Inergen or CO2 Gas Systems.

Fire Training

Give your employees mandatory Fire Safety and Prevention training so they can spot hazards and know how to act in an emergency.

Our training is delivered by experienced professionals who are certified to conduct courses on or off site, towards fulfilling the requirements of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005.