The role of the corporate security guard has evolved dramatically over the past decade. Technological advancements have swept through our sector, fundamentally changing the nature of physical security services. 

While security guards still have their place on-premises, many organisations will be surprised to learn that there are now more innovative, cost-effective ways to embrace manned guarding while enhancing safety and security outcomes. 

With that in mind, below, we will explore the three types of security guards today. 

Static guard

Despite being called, ‘static’ guarding, this security role is exceptionally dynamic in nature. Manned guards are uniformed personnel tasked with patrolling and securing an organisation’s perimeter. 

They primarily act as a visual deterrent to would-be criminals. But these specialists can take on many other duties, including monitoring and controlling access to your premises, managing deliveries, fire watching and more.

Concierge officer

Concierge guards are often a favourable choice for buildings with high footfall, such as hotels and corporate offices. Like static guards, these specially trained individuals control access to company buildings, monitor CCTV and protect your people, property and assets.

Beyond that, they also deliver essential front-of-house services, using their highly-developed interpersonal skills to provide permitted guests with warm, professional welcomes and assistance. 

Augmented officer

The augmented officer is set to be the future of security guarding. Rather than being positioned on site, these guards carry out their duties from a remote central monitoring station, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, data analytics and surveillance tools to achieve 24/7 situational awareness and security. 

With this suite of solutions in place, organisations can achieve unparalleled safety and security, dramatically reducing the likelihood of malicious intrusions and unauthorised access. However, in the rare event a guard detects a disturbance or emergency, clients can rest assured that a mobile patrol unit is never more than a few minutes away. 

Architecting the right solution for you

As the leading wholly Irish-owned Fire and Security provider, the Sharp Group name has been synonymous with high-end security services since 1999.  

Our security personnel are also highly proficient in data collection, analysis and visualisation. These skills are a pre-requisite to successfully operating our 24/7 remote central monitoring station: a control room that integrates data streams from numerous security applications and devices to create a holistic picture of your premises in real time.

We take the time to understand your business environment, so we can tailor our managed solution to fit your unique needs. Find out more about our manned security and monitoring services today.