Manned guards are officers that are typically stationed at fixed locations, such as site entrances or certain points of a location’s perimeter. It is the duty of these manned guards to control access to the area. At the same time, many organisations also entrust manned guards to deliver front-of-house services, providing information and assistance to visitors. 

It is easy to see why manned guarding has long been a cornerstone of physical security. Security personnel are a poignant and visible security presence, providing a sense of comfort to those within a protected area, while acting as a physical deterrent to nefarious actors. 

However, for all the benefits of manned guarding, it is not without its shortcomings. For one, employing security guards can be expensive – particularly in a climate where skilled professionals are in short supply. 

Secondly, software innovations and advancements in connectivity mean there are now much more cost-effective and efficient ways to protect one’s premises from harm.

Where before, manned personnel were the gold standard in security, today’s paragon is the remote operations centre: the harmonisation of man and machine to deliver 24/7 situational awareness and lightning-fast response times. 

The Sharp Group refer to this transformation as the rise of the virtual security guard: blending the expertise of experienced personnel with intelligent CCTV cameras, thermal imaging and integrated security systems for simplified and enhanced physical protection.

Of course, every organisation is unique, which is why the Sharp Group take a bespoke approach to designing security services for each of our clients.

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