According to Deloitte, such security incidents are steadily increasing yearly. In line with this, 88% of organisations have experienced a sharp rise in physical crime since 2021.  

As hostile activity surges, organisations must rethink their approach to perimeter security and company security, equipping a security team with the tools they need for complete visibility and fast response times. 

In practice, security teams will need to rethink, move away from siloed security measures, and to create a new security ecosystem for their company. 

The Sharp Group are able to help, with the assistance of a fire and security service provider, companies can implement an orchestra of tools. These security tools include intelligent CCTV cameras, thermal imaging and intrusion detection systems, that work to deliver a comprehensive picture of all potential threats to your business.

Rather than being reactive and spending their time trying to piece together disparate streams of data, security teams can proactively monitor and remediate potential threats in real-time, powered by 24/7 situational awareness. 

For companies looking to embrace the next frontier of physical security, accelerating technology adoption is undoubtedly the way forward. An integrated solution empowers security teams to be more effective, responsive and agile, so they can keep your premises safe at all times. 

Contact the The Sharp Group today to learn more about our integrated security solutions and how these can help you and your business against this security threat.

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