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Designing round the clock security solutions
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Advanced Security Architecture

About our client

Our client has two data centre campus sites in Ireland with a 20MW+. A well-respected colocation facility, they have unparalleled experience in designing, developing and operating highly connected and secure data centres. Progressive and forward thinking, they are a real delight to work with.

Our client’s challenge

A data centre operator’s success is dependent on several factors – capacity, uptime, connectivity and security. Physical and cyber security are critical success factors for ensuring the protection of clients’ data. Our client was expanding its campus site and realised that it needed to improve not only building access but access around the perimeter.

Project impact

Under the strict requirements of being certified to ISO 27001 & ISO 37001, our brief was to design a new security architecture to benefit from both human support through man-guarding and hi-tech solutions. Round the clock and responsive security was a must for what is a high-risk part of our national infrastructure.

Our role was to provide responsive monitoring through a number of strategies:

  • Set up and manage virtual monitoring via a security operations centre.
  • Improve security around the perimeter with security fencing which includes automatic Cantilever gates and full thermal imagery around the perimeter, with ANPR cameras integrated.
  • Campus CCTV and access control integration, allowing full visibility across both sites with Fail over between sites.
  • We increased the number of CCTV cameras to the existing system due to an expansion and refurbishment of one of the Dublin sites.
  • We introduced a hi-tech ANPR vehicle registration system.
  • We provide man-guarding as a seconded member of our client’s team.
  • We also redesigned the entrance and access to site to include the introduction of a new entrance with a traffic barrier interlock.

Outcome for our client

  • Due to the thermal imaging installation, our client was able to eliminate the requirement for external patrols as these can now be carried out remotely through the SOC.
  • The installation of the ANPR vehicle recognition system streamlined efficiencies for access and egress for the site approved vehicles, which overall helped the site become more efficient.
  • The access control upgrade allowed full access to the system across the campus which increased security and productivity.
  • Updating the CCTV system also allowed full viewing facilities in the new SOC.
Shot of Corridor in Working Data Centre Full of Rack Servers and Supercomputers with Internet connection Visualization Projection.