Securing Success: Balancing Safety and Celebration During St. Patrick’s Weekend

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, businesses are gearing up for the celebrations that mark this iconic Irish holiday. However, with the festivities comes an increased risk of security breaches. Is your security up to the challenge?

The Security Challenge:

There is a concerning trend of heightened security issues during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, specifically peaking in the evening hours between 6pm and midnight. Criminal activity surged during the 36-hour period encompassing the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Attempted break-ins, and vandalism make it crucial for businesses, especially those with high-value assets, to be proactive in securing their premises.

Understanding the Risk:

The surge in visitors during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, with over 5.2 million visitors in March in recent years, adds a layer of complexity to security challenges. Increased footfall increases the chance of criminal activity going unnoticed. Businesses must balance creating a festive atmosphere while prioritising safety and security for visitors, staff, and property.

A Collaborative Approach:

One of our worldwide renowned clients recognised the need for comprehensive security across their sites. Seeking to enhance efficiency and drive cost savings, they decided to consolidate their security and fire services, which were previously managed by multiple providers across their various sites. The company aimed to partner with an organisation committed to excellence, integrity, and sustainability, aligning with its ambitious carbon-neutral goals. After a competitive bidding process, they selected us as their national security partner, based on our market-leading services and shared environmental values.

In response to the challenge, our security experts devised a bespoke strategy that incorporated cutting-edge technologies such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), centralised off-site monitoring, secure fibre optic networks, Thermal Imaging cameras, and ip CCTV cameras. Manned security personnel provided real-time, onsite support, ensuring a responsive 24/7 approach. The implementation of these solutions has not only resulted in new efficiencies, cost savings, and improved operational excellence but also provides the peace of mind that their sites, employees, and products are secure, all while meeting Ireland’s Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) energy rating.

Ensuring Safety Without Compromising Festivities:

Trained security personnel act as visible deterrents, playing a crucial role in maintaining safety and orderly conduct. Swift responses to unforeseen situations, coupled with adaptable security services tailored to specific business requirements, ensure optimal safety without compromising the festive atmosphere.

Comprehensive Security Measures:

If your business is likely to see an influx in traffic over the holiday weekend, we would recommend taking a few additional precautions.

Revise Keyholder Contacts:

In anticipation of increased holiday traffic, it is crucial to update and ensure the accuracy of keyholder contacts. These individuals play a vital role in responding to alarms or emergencies, and having up-to-date information enhances the effectiveness of your security response.

Ensuring Alarm Attendance Personnel:

Assigning responsible personnel for alarm attendance guarantees swift responses to any triggered alarms. This proactive measure ensures that potential security threats are addressed promptly, minimising the risk of unauthorised access or criminal activity during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Securing Windows and Doors:

Securing entry points, such as windows and doors, is fundamental to preventing unauthorised access or break-ins. Performing a thorough check and reinforcement of these vulnerable areas adds an additional layer of physical security, reducing the likelihood of criminal incidents.

Conducting Regular Checks on CCTV Camera Footage:

Regular monitoring of CCTV camera footage is essential for detecting and deterring suspicious activity. Ensuring that cameras are recording correctly and consistently provides valuable evidence in case of security incidents and serves as a proactive measure to maintain a watchful eye on your premises.

Implementing these recommended steps collectively contributes to a robust security plan for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

As businesses prepare for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend celebrations, the dual challenge of maintaining a festive atmosphere while safeguarding against security breaches requires careful consideration. By implementing the lessons learned from successful collaborations, businesses can strike a balance that ensures a secure and enjoyable environment for all participants.

If you’d like a review of your security ahead of Ireland’s busiest weekend, get in touch. At Sharp Group, we offer comprehensive security solutions and pride ourselves on our technical knowledge, customer care and commitment to quality.