Dublin Airport Logistics Park

Securing Sensitive Logistics Parks

Remote monitoring to provide 24/7 reassurance

Highly Secure & Sensitive Logistics Parks

About Our client:

Our client is part of Dublin’s major transport infrastructure, where public safety and security is paramount. The site is a 150-acre logistics park with access to Ireland’s transport links.

Our client’s challenge:

Our client is a major provider of transport services, with a large campus and logistics park in Dublin. Its challenge was to improve security 24/7, without the need for physical man-guarding.

Our brief was to design and implement a new automated and remote monitoring system, where all access and entry points were protected, monitored and managed day and night but at the same time enable ease of entrance management during busy times.

Project impact:

Our solution was to create an integrated monitoring system that could be managed and controlled from our Control Room.

  • We introduced an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, using a high-tech cloud-based solution – perfect for business parks and campus sites with multiple entrances.
  • To ensure 24/7 monitoring, we installed a Monitored CCTV System consisting of cameras and speakers at specific locations. All camera data is transmitted back to our Control Room and each camera is fitted with an Intrusion Trace Licence, which sends an alert to our Control Room once the system is armed.

Outcome for our client:

Historically, this specific site had relied predominantly on guards to man its entrances, monitor the heavy flow of transiting traffic and to manually check in, and out, vehicles. Although tried and tested, these processes were becoming more and more labour and time intensive.

The introduction of monitoring stations and a cloud-based Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system immediately removed the need for manual checking and improved the speed of access. The most significant benefit of ANPR is that it can immediately flag suspicious activity and – with its data accessible both on site and at our remote-control room.

In addition, hot lists of known suspicious or rogue vehicles can be created so that in the event of an unwanted or unexpected visitor, an alert is raised, and a mobile patrol can be scrambled if required. Such a feature and the accurate record of patterns of activity are especially useful in the event of a requirement to present evidence to the Garda.

Overall, the outcome for our client was improved security, ease of access and savings

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