Five Key Benefits of 24/7 Monitoring of Your Physical IT

When you think ‘physical security’ you would be forgiven to think purely access control, CCTV, and fire protection. Whilst cyber-attacks are in the digital space, this data has to be stored somewhere, so your physical security is as important as your cyber security when it comes to protecting your data and IT infrastructure.

Even if you opt for cloud-based back-ups, your digital assets and data still ultimately reside on a server in a physical space, exposing your IT infrastructure to the same risks as the hardware.

According to the a 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report, 10% of malicious breaches are caused by a physical security compromise. Across these breaches, it took roughly 207 days to identify the breach, and 73 days to resolve it. Can your business afford 280 days of operational downtime? The data from the Cost of a Data Breach Report states the average cost of a physical data breach is around £2.8 million.

Before the digital age where cyber security remains highest on the business risk barometer, the most common reason for business failure was loss of information and assets through fire. According to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2023, fire remains a significant cause of business interruption and was the largest single cause of corporate insurance losses in the five years preceding 2023.

The physical storage of your IT systems and data is susceptible to numerous risks – fire, flood or even theft. What measure do you have in place to avoid arson, tampering with data or theft of physical assets?

Ensuring the reliability and security of your data storage tools is critical and this is where 24/7 monitoring of your physical IT assets comes into play. As a business that provides a central monitoring station and 24/7 response for our clients, we’ve put together the top five benefits that around-the-clock monitoring can bring to your physical IT assets.

1. Early Detection of Vulnerabilities

Cyber threats and physical security breaches can strike at any time, day, or night. Microsoft research reveals that 70% of large Irish companies have experienced problems with phishing, hacking, cyber-fraud or other cyber-attacks. With 24/7 monitoring in place, you gain the upper hand by detecting vulnerabilities in real-time. Whether it’s an unauthorised access attempt, a sudden temperature spike in your server room, or a network outage, a vigilant monitoring system alerts your IT team promptly. This proactive approach allows your organisation to respond swiftly and effectively, minimising potential damage.

2. Maximising Uptime

24/7 monitoring can support uptime goals by detecting activity of technicians and smart hands. It is responsive and automated so that any risk of fire or unwanted visitors are picked up in real time.

Our services are completely bespoke for each client, whether it’s fire detection, maintenance and monitoring, manned security, or remote keyholder support, there is never a one-size fits all package, and you should review your own security with that in mind. What works for another business may not be appropriate for your set-up, the important thing is to review your security, consider the risk elements across the physical and digital assets you hold, and put processes in place to negate those risks. Of course, our expert team could assist on all of this, including identifying the real risks, versus what might be perceived risk.

3. Enhanced Security

There are many resources that highlight the frequency of cyber-attacks each day, with one estimate stating that a company falls victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds.

In this digital age, physical security is integral to protecting your business. 24/7 monitoring helps to deter unauthorised access, monitors for unusual activities, and provides data that can be invaluable in post-incident investigations. By ensuring the security of your IT infrastructure, you protect your sensitive data and maintain the trust of your customers.

Whilst cyber criminals can be prevented by a high level of digital security, physical trespassers are usually harder to spot, and prevent. By adding in 24/7 monitoring of your business premises, you can be sure that those entering and leaving the building at any given time, seven days a week, are legitimate, and if they aren’t, they can be promptly stopped in their tracks.

4. Prevention is better than cure

Preventing problems is often more cost-effective than fixing them. 24/7 monitoring helps your organisation understand patterns of behaviours on site so that you can make smart decisions on resources and the equipment you need.

By identifying trends, you can plan and budget for necessary maintenance or replacements. This proactive approach to IT asset management can translate to a lower overall operational cost and higher ROI.

5. Compliance and Reporting

Many industries and organisations are subject to strict regulatory requirements, as are server rooms. As server storage are subject to strict regulations It is important your security provider is certified to standards such as ISO27001. This demands the careful management and safeguarding of IT integrity. Managing physical access to servers and other computing devices is just one fundamental aspect of a broader management system.

The consequences of unauthorised access to a server room, whether by a rogue employee, a disgruntled individual, or an outsider, can be severe. Such breaches can result in physical harm to the servers, theft of critical equipment, and cyberattacks through the establishment of remote server access and the direct installation of malicious software.

Our 24/7 monitoring can aid in compliance by providing a detailed record of system performance and security events. This information is invaluable when demonstrating compliance to auditors and regulatory bodies, it also offers insights into your IT infrastructure’s historical performance, helping you make informed decisions about upgrades and improvements.

Incorporating Central Monitoring Station Services

At Sharp Group, we take your IT security to the highest level of standards. Our Central Monitoring Station is the cornerstone of our electronic security services, ensuring swift response times and robust disaster recovery capabilities. From managing access to round-the-clock monitoring for CCTV, fire, and intruder alarm systems, we’re committed and set-up to confidently protect your assets for your safety and peace of mind.

Our services extend to protecting lone workers through wearable devices or mobile applications and overseeing Building Management Systems for aspects like temperature control, communications and data, and leak detection. Additionally, we provide Man-Guarding services, adding another layer to your physical security. Our Monitoring Station can be in direct contact with our Static Officers on-site to help investigate any incident swiftly and effectively.

With our expertise and cutting-edge monitoring solutions, you can ensure the uninterrupted performance and security of your IT infrastructure.

Don’t wait until a crisis strikes! Contact Sharp Group today to learn more about how our 24/7 monitoring services can benefit your organisation’s IT security and performance.