Ireland: A physical security force to be reckoned with

We were delighted to see that Ireland has recently been heralded as a cybersecurity leader on the world stage, with particular praise for our Universities’ specialist cybersecurity degrees and courses. 

It feels fitting that Ireland be recognised in this way. As a country, we are well-known as the pinnacle of physical security innovation. It is fantastic to see that we are now spearheading cybersecurity R&D, too. 

We firmly believe this is no coincidence. After all, physical and cyber security have a symbiotic relationship. You cannot have one without the other. 

Cyber security and physical security: working in harmony

Take the data centre, for example. Protecting this infrastructure in the digital realm is undeniably vital to safeguarding sensitive information and availability. However, cybersecurity shields alone aren’t enough. 

As we recently discussed, data centres are just as vulnerable to physical security threats as cyber ones. Be it a disgruntled employee or an enterprising criminal, protecting the physical walls of the data centre is crucial to mitigating disruption and security breaches. 

The same applies across industries. For holistic protection, organisations must harness the power of cybersecurity solutions to shield their data from digital threats, combined with cutting-edge electronic security systems to defend against physical intrusions.  

This, in part, is why we chose to achieve the ISO 27001 standard, an internationally recognised cybersecurity certification. The standard demonstrates to our clients that we take cybersecurity seriously, and protect our clients’ information with the utmost cyber and physical protections. 

Ireland: An end-to-end security leader

Ireland has, for decades, been a hub for technological innovation. As the world stage begins to recognise our cybersecurity prowess, We want to highlight that we are a physical security force to be reckoned with too.

Our country’s long-standing commitment to developing cutting-edge physical security products, enhanced by emerging technologies like automation and artificial intelligence, means that firms can confidently put their faith in Irish-owned companies like Sharp. 

And now, with Ireland’s stellar reputation for cybersecurity, organisations are well placed to find the complete package on Irish soil.