Sharp Group invests in new mobile CCTV units

Sharp Group has invested in new units for its mobile CCTV fleet, which are suitable for a wide range of uses, from site security and surveillance to crowd control and monitoring.

From construction sites and car parks to temporary outdoor public events or festivals, the mobile CCTV units are quick to deploy at short notice.

The freestanding units don’t need any power or manning; each one is fitted with four IP-enabled cameras on a telescopic mast to cover a wide area.

The cameras connect over the mobile 4G network back to our control centre.

From there, Sharp Group’s dedicated and experienced security team monitors the units in real time, around the clock as needed.

We handle all monitoring in-house and we don’t subcontract this work.

Our mobile CCTV surveillance units can cover any location that has high footfall, or areas with known security problems that need to be addressed.

For example, construction sites can be at risk of vandalism or theft, so for times where there is no security presence on site, a mobile unit can provide peace of mind and a flexible alternative to static guards.

Other uses include health and safety monitoring of public events, car park surveillance and monitoring, outdoor music events and festival control room, policing and crowd control.

Event organisers can use a mobile CCTV unit as a control room or incident monitoring unit or can deploy the unit to areas that don’t have CCTV coverage.

For more information or to discuss possible use cases, contact us today.