10 ways to keep your premises secure over the festive break

As the festive season approaches, many businesses will wind down operations, and employees may be away for an extended period. Unfortunately, this downtime can be an opportune moment for those with ill intentions.

To ensure the safety and security of your business during the holiday period, consider implementing these 10 essential security tips and best practices.

Test Your Security Systems: Prioritise testing all security equipment before the festive season. Check fire alarms, security cameras, and access control systems to ensure they function correctly. Notify your monitoring and security provider of the adjusted holiday hours and ensure an updated call list for any potential alarms.

Discreet Holiday Hours: Avoid publicly posting holiday hours. Instead, use a sign instructing visitors to call for holiday hours or employ an automated email response, directing inquiries to designated staff.

Secure Facility Lockdown: Before departure, thoroughly secure all exterior doors and ensure proper activation of the access control system. Override automatic door-opening schedules to prevent unauthorised access.

Decorations and Security Systems: Place decorations strategically to avoid obstructing security cameras or motion detectors. Ensure exterior decorations don’t create hiding spots for intruders.

Screen Seasonal Employees: If hiring seasonal staff, conduct thorough background checks. Limit access and sensitive information to mitigate theft risks. Disable access codes promptly after employment ends.

Effective Lighting: Maintain well-lit interiors and exteriors during closure. Consider using random timers for indoor lights to simulate occupancy.

Window Display Caution: Minimise visible high-value items through windows to deter theft attempts.

Unplug Unnecessary Devices: Before leaving, unplug non-essential electronics to prevent damage from power surges or outages.

Cash and Valuables: Remove all cash and valuables from the premises, even from safes. Unanchored safes are vulnerable to theft.

Prevent Freezing Pipes: Set thermostats to at least 55°F, and consider turning off water in susceptible areas. Install temperature sensors or smart thermostats for remote monitoring.

Implementing these 10 security measures could help to safeguard your premises during the holiday season, allowing everyone to enjoy the festivities with peace of mind. At Sharp Group, our team are working hard to keep our clients safe and secure during the festive closure, offering monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year. If you’re considering an improvement to your security or fire safety in 2024, our expert team would be happy to assist.