Welcoming our new Security Contracts Manager, Philip Fitzsimons

Philip Fitzsimons, the newly appointed Security Contracts Manager at Sharp Group, brings a wealth of experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence in the field of Irish security. Having spent over three decades developing his expertise, Philip’s journey in the industry reflects dedication, adaptability, and a sharp eye for identifying and resolving challenges.

With a career spanning back to the early 1990s, Philip’s roots in security were initially serendipitous. “Back in 1990, it was just a job,” he recalls. His progression through various roles—from supervisory to managerial levels—demonstrates not only his dedication but also his proficiency in navigating the complexities of the industry. As an Irish security stalwart, he is now one of the most experienced individuals in the industry.

Phillip’s recent transition to Sharp Group was an unforeseen yet welcome change. Following 17 successful years at his previous firm, focusing primarily on commercial and industrial security.

Joining Sharp Group marked a significant shift in environment and approach. “It’s much more relaxed,” Philip remarks. “Everybody knows their role. Everybody knows what they must do, but it’s just the environment in which you’re working in comparison to where I was. It’s just chalk and cheese.”

“I’m collaborating closely with Senior Contracts Manager Robert, positioning us as the central figures in our team. Supporting us are the two Davids, contributing behind the scenes. The Security Management team are continuously questioning, learning, and brainstorming ways to enhance our strategies round the clock. Our rapport is strong, and the synergy between the team is promising. We’re getting a real rush of new business opportunities, and I’m excited about hitting the ground running and initiating these new contracts.”

At Sharp Group, Philip focuses on service delivery and customer satisfaction, leveraging his extensive experience in ensuring that the right people are in the right positions to meet client needs. “I’m heavily focused on service delivery,” he explains. “I like being out on the ground, meeting the customers, giving them what they want. It can only help the growth of the business if we have happy customers.”

Collaborating closely with the team, Philip is enthusiastic about the potential for positive change. He highlights the significance of personnel in the security industry, emphasising that having the right staff is crucial for smooth operations. “90% of the problems in this industry are down to personnel. If you haven’t got the people there to run the procedures and follow the systems, that makes your life a lot more difficult.”

At Sharp Group, we understand how important the people in the business are, our internal systems, HR policies and financial incentives reflect this, which in turn attracts the best in the business, to which Philip observes, “the calibre of talent here at Sharp Group is incredible. It’s higher than I thought was available, which is incredibly beneficial when it comes to managing and exceeding customer expectations. If you have the best team, the clients are going to have less reasons to pick up the phone, and frankly, it makes the job a lot easier, and rewarding.”

Philip’s proactive approach involves implementing changes and systems to enhance Sharp’s operations. “I’ve brought in a couple of systems that I used previously, and they were very open to change, anything that would steer the company in a positive direction is welcome. That’s refreshing and reflects on the positive nature of the company.”

Beyond his professional endeavours, Philip enjoys supporting Manchester United and horse racing, having been involved with several racehorses in the past, which keeps his weekends fairly full!

Philip’s appointment at Sharp Group signifies not just a change in role but a commitment to elevating the standards of our security operations. His blend of experience, customer-centric approach, and proactive leadership bodes well for Sharp’s future and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.