Sharp Group elevates its security and operational intelligence with Motorola Solutions’ Calipsa false alarm filtering platform

Sharp Group has become one of the first wholly-owned Irish fire and security services provider embed Motorola Solutions’ Calipsa deep learning-powered false alarm filtering analytics into its monitoring operations for enhanced alarm detection accuracy and crime prevention. 

Sharp Group has long been committed to providing a best-in-class service to its clients. It is already renowned for accelerating the harmonisation of man and machine to deliver superior monitoring operations. This latest investment reinforces the company’s commitment to client excellence, elevated by the newest technology.

Motorola Solutions’ cloud-based video analytics platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce unwanted false video alarms by up to 95%. False alarms are one of the biggest burdens on the security industry and the Calipsa algorithm quickly sifts through video feeds in real-time, filtering out harmless alerts triggered by erroneous factors like animals, weather and foliage, so security professionals can focus on ‘true’ alarms that signify genuine threats.

Sharp Group has thus far rolled out Calipsa’s pioneering software across 70 client deployments, spanning stadiums, industrial estates and more. The software adds an additional layer of intelligence to Sharp’s video surveillance services and systems, bolstering the security, efficiency and effectiveness of operations. 

With the Calipsa platform, Sharp’s security professionals are more efficient and accurate than ever before, able to focus on legitimate alarms while reducing the risk of missed incidents. The result is minimised response times and enhanced operational efficiency. 

Commenting on the announcement, Karl Whelan, Control Room Supervisor at Sharp Group, explains: “Security cameras are inherently sensitive in nature. Almost anything can trigger false alarms – be it a gust of wind or a passing bird. Already, we’ve integrated a range of digital tools into our control room to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our people. The Calipsa AI-powered filtering platform complements our existing technology suite perfectly, enabling us to reach an even higher standard of false alert minimisation, and, in turn, boost the precision and speed of our team.”

Ivan Nolan, Managing Director at Sharp Group also comments: “The advanced AI filtering that Calipsa provides enables us to further enhance our monitored electronic security services and optimise the efficacy of our security officers. The software has eliminated the operational bottlenecks often caused by nuisance alarms, meaning our people can spend more time on what matters: preventing crime and protecting our clients. The integration is also a fantastic demonstration of the important role technology has to play in fortifying human vigilance.”

Sharp Group understands that technology is the next frontier of physical security, and
they have chosen Calipsa false alarm filtering analytics to further bolster their services “Sharp Group understands that technology is the next frontier of physical security and they have chosen Calipsa false alarm filtering analytics to bolster their services,” said Pedro Simoes, corporate vice president, international sales at Motorola Solutions. “We look forward to working together to help keep their customers safe. ”