Data centres: Increased risk calls for intelligent, integrated security

All data centre operators are well-versed in the language of risk. Equipment failures, power outages, cyber-attacks and hostile entities are just some of the threats that these organisations must contend with on a daily basis. In such a complex and fast-moving landscape, risk prioritisation can be extremely challenging. Against a backdrop of skyrocketing data breaches

Ireland: A physical security force to be reckoned with

We were delighted to see that Ireland has recently been heralded as a cybersecurity leader on the world stage, with particular praise for our Universities’ specialist cybersecurity degrees and courses.  It feels fitting that Ireland be recognised in this way. As a country, we are well-known as the pinnacle of physical security innovation. It is

Man vs Machine

Ivan Nolan, managing director of the Sharp Group – the largest Irish-owned fire and security protection provider – considers whether automation technology is set to steal a march on traditional security techniques While patrolling the perimeter fence of a data centre or pharmaceutical laboratory is far removed from the bombs and bullets of armed conflict,