The quest for an antidote: How pharmaceutical companies can cure their security woes 

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are in the worthy business of transforming lives, responsible for delivering life-saving drugs and treatments for all kinds of diseases. 

But while they are engulfed in the quest to cure physical illnesses, many don’t consider the health of their physical security systems. 

What are the top security risks facing pharmaceutical companies?

We only need to look to recent Europol reports of nefarious individuals stealing and trafficking medicinal vials worth millions of euros to understand just how tempting a target these organisations are to criminal gangs. 

But that’s just one ailment pharmaceutical companies must manage. There’s also the threat of opportunistic employees making away with secret patents, criminals intercepting delivery vehicles and, of course, the fear of chemical leaks and consequent contamination. 

With so many risks to contend with, pharmaceutical companies can no longer afford to ignore their physical security health. Their business and, in some cases, public health are at stake. 

How can pharmaceutical companies boost physical security?

Thankfully, there is an antidote to the problems at hand. Just as drug research and delivery have been rapidly transformed by technology in recent years, so too has physical security. 

Today, there is a secret formula to cure pharmaceutical companies’ security woes: a concoction of 24/7 vigilance, digitally-enhanced surveillance systems and augmented man guarding.

Pharmaceutical companies will be pleased to know that this formula is well-passed the trial phase. We have helped medical organisations to immunise against insider threats, contamination risks and malicious actors at every stage of the product journey: in the lab, during cold chain shipping and storage, right through to last-mile delivery. 

What security technologies do pharmaceutical companies need to deploy? 

We prescribe a defence-in-depth approach for the pharmaceutical industry’s complex security ailments: a careful blend of state of the art access controls, automatic number plate recognition systems, artificial-intelligence-enhanced video monitoring and more to optimise the supply chain against potential invaders.

The resulting cure is a renewed sense of resilience, one that enables pharmaceutical organisations to better meet regulatory demands, improve trust with stakeholders and accelerate efficiency. 

Ready for the remedy? 

As Ireland’s leading wholly Irish-owned Fire and Security provider with a wealth of experience in the life sciences industry, Sharp Group is perfectly placed to help pharmaceutical companies unlock the benefits of digitally-enhanced physical security systems.

Let us help you safeguard against security, safety and fire threats , so you can focus your attention on what you do best: having a meaningful impact on people’s lives. 

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