Sharp Group launches new temperature scanner

Irish security expert Sharp Group has launched a new body temperature-scanning device it claims will enable businesses to reopen more quickly.

The firm – the largest Irish-owned fire and security protection provider – believes that asking customers and employees to pass through new temperature-scanning devices will allow some Irish businesses to reopen and operate safely.

The Thermal Body Temperature Management System, which resembles an airport scanner, is particularly aimed at sectors such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare.

It can also handle mass counting, making it potentially suitable for larger public gatherings. Sharp Group confirmed it has orders to install the measuring units for several leading organisations.

The system, which is non-invasive and CE-certified, quickly measures the temperature of visitors as they pass to within 0.3C at a range of up to three metres. If a temperature is above normal, the unit gives an audible or visual alarm. If integrated with a firm’s access-control system it can prevent access for an individual but allow those with normal temperatures pass unrestricted.

“This is not just about keeping business open for trading – it is also about showing a duty of care to the staff and public,” said Sharp Group commercial manager Joe Doolan.

“A person who comes into the building and unknowingly spreads the coronavirus to others will be a big concern for many businesses in the coming months. This system helps to reduce that risk and give businesses and their customers peace of mind,” he said.

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